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First real Event Search Engine developed

Until recently, event information was manually collected by editors for publishing in online event calendars. Our new software utilizes a novel method for finding events on the Internet automatically. eventax presents on its German Event Search Engine the great possibilities of this new software.

The method developed at the UoASE detects web sites containing events and automatically recognizes the location and date of each event. It eases the job of editors greatly by collecting large amounts of events in a short period of time. Online event sites are not dependent anymore on volunteers who add events to their calendars.

More then 2.5 million German information providers are online. The amount of published events is growing at a breathtaking pace and is fast becoming too large to be easily usable by an internet user looking for events. That is where search engines using the new eventax software help. The sophisticated search algorithm relieves the Internet user of having to browse many different web sites in search for event information. It automatically processes and presents all relevant information in an easy to use event calendar.

When automatically searching the web for event information, the different formats of the various web sites and the automatic recognition of the event location were the biggest challenges. There are about 120,000 city districts in Germany, and their names are frequently ambiguous. The software resolves these ambiguities in event locations and accurately determines in which of the 13,885 German cities each event takes place.